The industry of transport of goods and, more generally, supply chain management has recently been impacted by swift and epochal changes on a scale never seen before. Currently, Alpetrans needs to understand and integrate these trends and to anticipate its future dynamics through the use of the revolutionary technologies offered by the web, which are already widely implemented in our company. Data management and automation represent a fundamental asset for Alpetrans. Moreover, Alpetrans is leading in showing to its partners the resources and potentials offered by data management and automation. Our transports can count on a flexible management that adapts to specific needs and is supported by the most sophisticated IT technologies thanks to an internal IT department.

They can also count on their compliance with regulations on safety and hygiene; on vehicles with state-of-the-art on-board instrumentation offering geolocalization of the vehicle in real time and regular tracking of its position and reporting on its journey, driving times, and miles covered; on the transmission of transport information directly to the on-board personnel through an advanced communication system; on the delivery by the on-board personnel of a Service Report that records all the stages of transport; on the tracking of the goods; on the monitoring of the temperature during the journey; on the delivery of the goods after a final check;

on a scrupulous cleanliness of the vehicles in order to guarantee maximum compliance in terms of hygiene; on an ongoing and scheduled maintenance programme thanks to our in-house Truck-service; on the research and trial of new driving technologies in collaboration with manufacturing and IT companies; on solutions targeting the protection of the environment in order to achieve energy savings and the use of alternative energy sources; and on intermodality as an asset.