Alpetrans is the operational business of Alpeholding Group that specialises in the offer of international transports and logistical services. Quality, rapidity, and timeliness are the strengths of Alpetrans. Thanks to a highly professional team, our company can answer to the needs of any type of client by offering targeted and innovative transport and logistical solutions. We specialise in the transport of refrigerated goods, in a regime of controlled temperature and isothermal protection, and we connect every day the most important manufacturing and trading areas through our three transit terminals for goods collection and sorting:  MAROSTICA (Vicenza) | CONVERSANO (Bari) | LACCHIARELLA (Milano).  The company also has vehicles operating in a wider international context through its Bulgarian subsidiary in PLOVDIV that allows an efficient link between the markets of Eastern and Western Europe. |


During the 80s, with a dream of being able to combine his love for travelling with his passion for cars, the current Chairman Serafino Dino Tolfo founded Alpetrans in Marostica, a historical walled town at the foot of the Alps. From here, always looking with forethought at the evolutions of the market and constantly improving his logistical services in the industry of refrigeration, Serafino Dino Tolfo tenaciously reinvested the profits of the company into always innovative technological solutions, in state-of-the-art vehicles, and in new LOGISTICAL PLANTS.


Today, Alpetrans is a reliable partner for important European businesses in the industry of modern large supermarket chain distribution when it comes to international transport. It specialises in the Italian distribution for the following industries:   FOOD | FRUIT AND VEGETABLE | NURSURY GARDENING | LARGE SUPERMARKET CHAIN DISTRIBUTION | PHARMACEUTICALS | HIGH VALUE GOODS | INDUSTRIAL GOODS | NAVAL SUPPLIES | MOTOR SPORTS AND EVENTS.

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