More than 200 vehicles for any transport needs

Alpetrans has more than 200 Euro 5 and 6 vehicles for different types of transports. The fleet offers FTL and LTL services so that you can reach any type of national or international destination. Whether what you need is procurement and supply of raw materials among a few companies or a widespread distribution, Alpetrans can deliver on any commercial circuit with precision, efficiency, and timely services within 24 or 48 hours. We also provide services for your HORECA, Normal Trade and large supermarket chain distribution needs. The fleet offers double drivers, records of the working temperatures, tail lift, and multiple temperatures. The services offered by the fleet include washing and sanitization of the vehicles, pallet collection with check by the personnel, and a fully equipped in-house workshop. In terms of safety, the fleet offers trace and tracking, an external centre of surveillance operating 24/7, anti-burglary systems, door sensors, and an All Risks insurance (optional).