Leader in the nursery gardening distribution

Nursery gardening is one of the industries in which Alpetrans shows its competitiveness at best: the products of Italian arboriculture are among the most appreciated on foreign markets, which leads to a lively sector involving exporters, importers, and retailers. Alpetrans has been for years a key partner for the biggest players in this industry and works with them in order to keep their excellent manufacturing standards throughout the chain. Apart from exports (from Italy to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and United Kingdom), Alpetrans also deals with imports from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany with a distribution within 24 or 48 hours from its five Italian platforms in Milan, Vicenza, Florence, Rome, and Bari towards the rest of the country.

Specialised in potted plants

The transport of potted plants is done using special trolleys in which different levels can be set so as to accommodate plants that have different heights. Before loading them onto the trolleys, the smallest plants are places in suitable containers that accommodate the vase or the roots and the soil. The transport of ball-rooted and potted plants with a diameter greater than the width of the trolley implies such sizes and weights as to require the creation of a specific fastening system that allows a safe transport.

We are present in the main European nursery gardening centres

When you rely on Alpetrans, you know you can count on a strategic and reliable partner when it comes to the perceived quality of your products: this is a key role that we take on with a sense of responsibility and the experience of a company that can organize innovative solutions tailored to your business. Many European companies operating in the industry of nursery gardening have chosen and continue to choose to entrust their products to us.