ALPELOG is the business unit of Alpetrans that deals specifically with storage, preparation, and transport by offering multi-temperature services in three areas: POZZOLEONE (Vicenza), VILLAFRANCA (Padua) and PADUA (at the fruit and vegetable market MAAP). The aim of Alpelog is to exceed the client’s expectations through the optimization of the physical flow of materials and goods as well as the flow of the relevant information. ALPELOG offers a wide range of services tailored to your personal needs in order to achieve practical benefits along the whole supply chain.

ALPELOG efficiently carries out all the logistical activities found upstream of manufacturing processes (i.e. INBOUND or upstream logistics) and resulting in the management of the procurement of the materials. It also deals with the activities that take place downstream of the manufacturing processes (i.e. OUTBOUND or downstream logistics) and manages the stocking and distribution workflows of the finished products. As far as inbound is concerned, we deal with the implementation of the IT system, multi-client solutions, receipt, accepting and quality checks, sequencing, interlocking of production lines, and planning and monitoring of transport with workflow management.

As far as outbound is concerned, we deal with RECEIPT with acceptance and quality checks and we manage bar codes and the use of RF, CKD, PRE-STOCKING and packaging with product protection, pack to order, bypass procedure for the warehouse, different modes of STOCKING, organic warehousing, management of locations, COLLECTION/PACKING with massive picking, pick-pack, sequential picking, picking for FiFo and LiFo, shipping, return management, management of packing materials, supplier management, procurement management, stock inventor management, suppliers’ KPI management.