A service for your manufacturing processes

Alpetrans has been regularly working with industries for many years procuring raw materials, transporting semi-processed goods between different locations whilst attending, if necessary, to all logistical issues (through its business unit ALPELOG), and delivering finished goods to wholesale traders and distributors or to the channels of the large supermarket chain distribution. Our services for the industrial sector offer a great flexibility so that you can better manage the journey.

Flexibility and efficiency

Whatever your industry (food, mechanical, manufacturing, plastics, hi-tech, etc.) and your needs when it comes to destinations, we can offer you quality services (compliant with ISO 9001) and punctuality by organizing tailored services that are customised for you. If you need a safe and guaranteed transport, Alpetrans is the right partner for you. Depending on the needs of your load (dimension, weight, top-loading or side-loading, tail lift, ADR, etc.), we define the best suited vehicle within our extensive fleet and offer you a complete quote.

We will find the best solution together

We accommodate your manufacturing needs and provide the timings and the transport and stocking/warehousing modes that you prefer. During the logistical stage, we can manage additional manufacturing processes such as stocking, inbound, outbound, and picking. You will have ease of mind knowing that your goods are travelling separately and do not risk being damaged by further loads or other materials on top and by being unloaded and reloaded at intermediate transit points to be then transferred to another carrier. If your goods are subject to burglary, we apply our “high-value goods” service. We also look after the efficiency and the cleanliness of our vehicles through our in-house Truck-service. If required, we guarantee convenient connections during intermodal journeys (ask for details on our routes) and offer semi-trailers without driver to be pre-emptively loaded at your production plants.