Ambassadors of Made in Italy in Europe

Thanks to a selected fleet of refrigerated vehicles specifically designed for foodstuffs, Alpetrans offers a temperature-controlled transport service that is especially flexible both for large supermarket chain distribution and retailers. Since we manage the cold chain during all the stages of the distribution process, we offer ourselves as key partners for manufacturers of fresh and very fresh goods. To them we guarantee the maximum standards of hygiene and food safety, specific food authorizations, organic certifications, cold chain for frozen products and, more generally, a longer shelf-life.

From large supermarket chain distribution to retailers

Alpetrans can offer to its clients a distribution service to any international destination based on pallets thanks to qualified and reliable partners throughout Europe. Apart from a fleet of refrigerated vehicles, Alpetrans also offers a network of warehouses and European distribution. When you rely on Alpetrans, you know you can count on a strategic and reliable partner when it comes to the perceived quality of your products: this is a key role that we take on with a sense of responsibility and the experience of a company that can organize innovative solutions tailored to your business and be at your side in all your projects.

We comply with all international standards

We comply with all the hygienic and sanitary criteria of the relevant laws and we apply the self-check system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) within the company. We monitor the status of frozen and refrigerated foods thanks to systems that are installed on all Alpetrans vehicles and allow the constant recording of the temperature. We scrupulously follow the ATP regulation on the temperature-controlled refrigerated transport of perishable foods for human consumption. The ATP regulation sets out precise rules for the design of the isothermal features in the vehicles and also dictates the types of perishable foods that have to be transported in a temperature-controlled regime and the temperatures for frozen and refrigerated transports.